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About the Artist


     In the beginning.....I chose to become a potter because of the allure of the wheel.  When I watched a potter forming a pot on the wheel it seemed like magic.  I wanted to be part of that magic.

     As I learned to throw I found that physical effort was needed to create medium and especially, large pieces and I enjoyed that physicality.         

     Then I encountered glazes!  Ah, the joy and the disappointment of glazes.  I consider forming the pot from the raw clay a physical act, but I consider glazing almost a metaphysical one.  The beauty of a well thrown pot can either be damaged or enhanced by the glaze which enrobes it.      


     A few years ago, through the experimental spirit of our teacher Lionel Mindin, our class was introduced to crystalline glazes.  I fell in love with the beauty and uniqueness of the crystals and decided to embark on a journey to try to create these remarkable glazes.  Through reading, experimenting and some helpful suggestions from generous potters I have had a level of success for which I am most thankful.  Perhaps the advanced chemistry classes I took in college have helped me in formulating the glazes from raw materials along with some whispered prayers.          

     Hand building is a pleasure too and I like to make funny little creatures which I call " Merrymals."  I also make functional pottery.           

     Photography is another adventurous endeavour that brings me joy.  Most of my photographs are of nature, especially of the wonderful beings with whom we share a garden.             

     This poem by William Blake expresses much of my spirit and my experience of life:  

                                 To see a world in a grain of sand  


                                        And a heaven in a wild flower  


                                  Hold infinity in the palm of your hand                                          

                                       And eternity in an hour                                                                                                                 

                                                                             Thank you for visiting with me,                                                                                 mary merrill